Essential Stats

Total KM of Trails:4.1
# Trails3
Skate Skiing:No
Classic Skiing:Yes
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At Green’s Creek, to the east of Ottawa, you can ski on the following trails:

  • Trails 61, 62 and 63, which offer 4.1 kilometres of groomed ski trails.
    These trails wind through Green’s Creek Valley, cutting through clay and post-glacial deposits from the ancient Champlain Sea. Natural lookouts offer striking views of the valley.

About Green’s Greek

Green’s Creek, to the east of Ottawa, is an area of unusual geology with steep-sided ravines and plateaux. There are several short ski and hiking trails and a toboggan slide. Green’s Creek also marks the eastern end of the Greenbelt Pathway, which will extend across the whole Greenbelt when finished.

The steep, forested slopes of Green’s Creek and the narrow clay-based flood plain provide an important wildlife corridor. This corridor extends south from the Ottawa River to inland habitats and crossed developed agricultural and urban lands. The creek also supports a wide variety of provincially and regionally rare species, including probably the largest Canadian population of the rare Cat-tail Sedge.


Parking Free, year-round parking is available at the P25 and P26 parking lots.