Rock Climbing in Gatineau Park

Rock Climbing in Gatineau Park

Rock Climbing in Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park offers local rock climbers all routes and rock faces they could wish for. The Eardley Escarpment, the 500-million-year-old toe of the Canadian Shield, provides 64 climbing routes on 5 seperate rock faces.

Where Is Rock Climbing Permitted?

The NCC has opened five rock faces, for a total of 64 climbing routes.

  • Home Cliff: Centre Wall
  • The three rock faces at the Twin Ribs site: Down Under, Eastern Block and The Left Twin
  • Western Cwm — West.

Gatineau Park Rock Climbing Maps

The NCC provides these rock climbing route maps for climbers to use:

Official Rock Climbing Sites
Home Cliff
Twin Ribs and Eastern Block
Western Cwm

Gatineau Park Rock Climbing Code of Conduct

Rock climbing in the Park is a priviledge for which climbers have fought and continue to battle hard. Please make every effort to minimize your impact on your environment:


  • Ensure that you have the necessary training, knowledge and experience
  • to climb safely.
  • Use the appropriate equipment, including protective gear (e.g. helmet),
  • and ensure that it is in good condition.
  • Do not use any anchors in the rock unless you have the knowledge and
  • experience to assess whether or not they are safe (i.e. in good condition,
  • appropriately placed and well anchored).
  • Choose a route that is within your technical ability.
  • Ensure that you are in good health and proper physical condition, and
  • that your mental faculties are not impaired (e.g. by fatigue, medication,
  • alcohol or drugs).
  • Check to ensure that weather conditions are
  • favourable for climbing.