Essential Stats

Total KM of Trails:19
# Trails6
Skate Skiing:Yes
Classic Skiing:Yes

The Pembroke Cross-country Ski Club maintains the Forest Lea Cross-country Ski Trails in the winter. There are 19 km of skating trails and 14 km of classical trails suitable for all abilities. The trail layout is based on a “stacked loop concept” consisting of 4 trail segments. These segments are identified by coloured trail markers. The stacked loop arrangement provides the skier with a variety of travel distances and terrain conditions. By travelling the outer most loop the trails pass through a wide variety of terrain and vegetation cover for a total distance of 11.1 km. Several of the trails are set for both classical and skate skiing. During the winter season the trails are for the strict use of cross-country skiing. The trails are on Crown land and are accessible for biking and hiking during the other seasons of the year.

How to get there

To find the trailhead of the Forest Lea Ski Trails travel north west of Pembroke on Hwy 17; turn left on Forest Lea Rd and follow the road to the end; parking for trails is on your right.


  • At the parking lot and to the right of the Forest Lea Cross Country Ski Trails Club House is a large map that describes the lengths and rating of each of the routes. The trails are well marked with color codes for the level of difficulty you can expect.
    This loop is designed for the beginner. The trail begins at the parking lot and travels through a variety of forest types for 3.3 km, returning to the parking lot. The terrain is gently rolling or flat, except for one good hill. The trail also provides the novice skier with a number of short uphill climbs.
    This is an intermediate trail beginning and ending at the parking lot. Covering a distance of 5.3 km, this trail provides the skier with long gradual downhill runs. Of special interest is the large beaver dam which is located about 1/3 of the way around the loop.
    Access to the Orange trail is gained from the Blue trail. Designed for the advanced skier, this trail features quick downhill runs combined with a long uphill climb. This trail, which passed through hardwood bush, is 2.2 km in length
    The Red loop travels a distance of 7 km. This trail is designed for the experienced skier, with a number of quick downhill runs and several long uphill climbs. This trail will not only test the skier’s ability but also his or her endurance.

Note: These trails are under Ministry of Natural Resources jurisdiction and subject to Ministry guidelines. Access to these lands is subject to provincial changes.

19 km of skating trails and 14 km of classical trails.
-Green: easy (2.7 km)
-Blue: more difficult (4.6 km)
-Yellow: easy (0.8 km)
-Orange: moderately difficult (2.2 km)
-Red: several steep hills and decents (7.0 km)
-White: Moderately difficult (2.3 km)

-DAILY USE: $5.00 per day.
-ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: various packages
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