The Mont Orford EXPerience Cabins in  Mont Orford Provincial Park are modern takes on the rustic winter cabin. Perfect for 2 people in winter or summer, the cabins give easy access to all that Mont Orford Park has to offer.

The 5 EXP cabins in Mont Orford park are all lined in a row along the shore of Lac Stukely on the western edge of Mont Orford Park. Not ultra private, but private enough. These small, 2-person cabins with sleek and clean lines look more at home in a cool urban neighbourhood, but their large windows, enclosed screen porch and full amenities make it a winter camping breeze.

The EXP cabin consists basically of one single large room with a divider separating the living area, kitchen, and fireplace from 2 single beds and a bathroom. Out front is a fire pit and picnic table for each cabin.

EXP Cabin Details:

The living area contains:

  • 2 chairs and a table,
  • fireplace

The kitchen is well equipped with;

  • 2 burner stove
  • sink with running hot and cold potable water
  • dishes and cutlery for 2 people
  • pots and pans for most basic meals
  • coffee maker
  • toaster oven

The batheroom has:

  • flush toilet
  • shower with water

The cabin has electricity and central heating (through baseboard heaters).

A panorama inside the EXP Cabin at Mont Orford Provincial Park

EXP Cabin Costs (2017):

$135.00 /night/cabin
Low season (summer and fall)

Low season (winter)

High season

Christmas period

EXP Cabin Reservations 

For reservations, please click here.