Essential Stats

Paddling Type:Whitewater
Rapid Class:From 3 to 4
Destination Type:Park & Play

Just about two-and-a-half hours southwest of Ottawa is the Crowe Bridge on the Crowe River, near Marmora, Ontario. A Park-and-Play spot with an amazing set of surf waves that begin forming above 40 cms (10.7 on gauge). There is a small, shallow spinning hole present at levels as low as 8 cms

Flow Information:

Minimum: 8 cms for the lower hole, 40 cms for the bridge waves
Ideal: 100 cms and above are optimal play levels, with 3 distinct features and a flavour for everyone. Between 40 and 100, the play is mellow and mostly limited to surfing for faster (8′ plus) boats. Over 100 is the level that the hole (second feature) gets stellar, and the 3rd wave become steep enough for spud boats to surf.
Max: None. There is great surf there as high as 240 cms

Historically, April is the month for Crowe bridge. It is rare for levels to be really good any later. If it does come up from heavy rain, it doesn’t last long.

[info from BoatWerks]

More information on the Crowe River, including water advisories and information about the surrounding area, can be found on the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority‘s website. Managing over 2000 sq/km of territory, the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority maintains 1300 acres of conservation land divided between 4 main conservation areas. If you love the outdoors you can enjoy many outdoor activities at one of the beautiful and pristine Conservation Areas.