Essential Stats

Total KM of Trails: over 200 KMs of groomed trails
# Trails
Skate Skiing:No
Classic Skiing:No

Chelsea Nordiq is a community cross-country and biathlon club in the heart of the Gatineau Park. We have access to over 200 KMs of groomed trails. We offer a variety of programs and events for children, adults and families. Our club is volunteer driven. With over 800 members we gratefully acknowledge our volunteer effort and commitment.

Chelsea Nordiq offers ski program for beginners through to elite skiers, with programs ranging from adventure skiing, to biathlon and nordiq ski racing. Certain programs will have training pre-requisites and are described briefly, below.


Bunny / Jackrabbit and Adventure Jackrabbits

Introduction to skiing for children 4 – 12. Adventure Jackrabbit is a program offering practices twice a week for children that have achieved level 2 or higher.
Track Attack Pee Wee

– Introduction to training and introduction to ski racing for skiers who have completed Jack Rabbit level 3, age 9 -11
Track Attack Midget

– Regular training and ski racing for skiers 12 – 13
Nordic Race

-A competitive race program or skiers who compete regionally, provincially and nationally 14+
Adventure Rabbits

– A non-competitive program focusing on skill improvement for skiers 9 – 11

Junior Adventure
– A non-competitive program with continued skills improvement for skiers 12-13

Senior Adventure

– A non-competitive program for skiers 14+

Biathlon Bears
– Introduction to biathlon. Summer program available for Racing Bears only.

Biathlon Racers
– Committed skiers 15+ who want to pursue the dual sport of skate-skiing and shooting. Summer program available.

Adult Ski 18+

– A 16 week learn to nordic ski program suitable for adults 18+.