Located on the Ottawa River at Britannia Bay, the beach is great for swimming, picnics or just watching the sailboats go by on a beautiful summer day. Britannia is known for its shallow entrance, swimmers can walk out to the end of the pier without going above their chest in water.

Britannia Beach panorama, from Jeremy Davis on Flickr

Key amenities include:

  • washrooms
  • change rooms
  • outdoor showers
  • free parking
  • a canteen
  • picnic tables and barbecue pits
  • play structures and fields

Lifeguards are on duty daily between noon and 7 pm during the summer season. Volleyball net rentals are available for $14.50 per hour or $49.50 per day.

Check the City of Ottawa Daily Beach Water Quality Results page for water quality readings to be sure the beach is open.

Baja Burger Shack

There is now a little burger shack with great burgers at the southeast corner of the beach. Check out Baja Burger Shack website for more details.

Britannia Yacht Club

Located on the most scenic site in Ottawa at the eastern end of Lac DeschĂȘnes, Britannia Yacht Club is the gateway to 45 km of continuous sailing along the Ottawa River. The combination of BYC’s recreational facilities and clubhouse services provides all the amenities of lake-side cottage living without having to leave the city.