Essential Stats

Paddling Type:Whitewater
Rapid Class:From 2 to 4
Destination Type:Tripping
Trip Length:~10k
Difficulty Level:

This section of river is a little shorter then the Upper part of the river and the whole river could be done in a day if an early start was made. This section is less intense than Upper Black with more flatwater. This river is Class III/CIV although like the other Highway 7 runs is mainly a class II/III run with some class IV drops.

Black River – Lower Queensborough – Water levels

The current level for this river can be found through the Environment Canada Real-Time Hydrometric Data site, gauge 02HL003 ‘Black River Near Actinolite.

Low flow is 8cms. Medium flow is 18. High flow is around 40cm although it can be run above this.

Lower Queensborough Put In (same as Upper Queensborough Take-Out):

From highway 7, turn north onto Queensborough road about 1 km East of the bridge over the Black. Follow this into Queensborough, the put-in is in the centre of town.

Lower Black River Rapids

The first stretch of this river is small current and flat water paddling. But once you get to the first rapid, the river picks up and is comparable to the Upper Black.

The first significant rapid is a narrow series of chutes that is boat scoutable. You will know when you are at this rapid, as there is a farm house on r river right.

The next significant rapid is a medium sized falls. A small hunting cabin is on river left, and it is easiest to scout and walk this rapid from river right.

The last major rapid on this section is a long canyon run that at higher levels can have some meaty holes in it. Scouting options are not great with this rapid, but it has been scouted and walked on river right.

There are several other smaller class II/III rapids along this river dividing up the bigger drops.

Don’t forget about the Class V drop south of Hwy #7. Often overlooked, there is a significant drop a short paddle past Hwy #7. Scout on river right, as river left is a high rock wall that most of the water is pushing into. There is not a known take past this point to park your car. But a quick shuttle can be run at the end of the day.

Lower Black River Take-Out

When you hit Highway 7, takeout is on your left.


Black River Map

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