Advertise with OutdoorOttawa

For the first time ever we are now accepting advertisers! OutdoorOttawa gives local and industry-related businesses the eyes and ears of 15,000 devoted, active, outdoors-loving, health-conscious, travel-friendly visitors each month who, quite frankly, like to spend money on gear and adventure and services!

Why Advertise on OutdoorOttawa?

OutdoorOttawa’s audience is ideal for businesses in a wide variety of industries who wish to present their products, services, announcements and events in front of an engaged, committed, and generally well-off group of people concentrated in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

If your business involves…

  • Outdoor-oriented gear, rentals, and services (duh)
  • Hospitality and tourism (almost 20% of our traffic is from out-of-towners)
  • Health and fitness
  • Environmental awareness and consciousness
  • Anything uniquely Ottawa

… you should consider advertising through OutdoorOttawa!

In July 2019 OutdoorOttawa received more than 15,000 mostly Ottawa- and Gatineau-based visitors. This was consistent with both an overall trend towards higher traffic as well a regular seasonal high point.

  • Almost 60% of our visitors are in the highly coveted 25-44 age range,
  • 18% are part of the cash-flush active retirement and seniors cohort.
  • Our visitors are almost evenly split between men and women (57% / 43%)

In a typical month, 60% of OutdoorOttawa visitors are from within a 2 hour drive of downtown Ottawa, delivering a highly targeted and very localized audience.

So How Can I Promote My Stuff with OutdoorOttawa?

There are essentially three ways you can promote your product, service or event through OutdoorOttawa:

Each is described in more detail below:


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Your ads in various sizes will appear throughout the website, distributed among all available ad spaces:

  • Header (1)
  • Sidebar Top (2)
  • Sidebar Lower (3)

Each month you will receive a report via email outlining the number of impressions (views) and clicks for your ads.


$400 / mo,
$300 / mo with 3-month minimum

Newsletter Advertising

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Looking to really get the word out? Why not throw an ad in our weekly newsletter and reach 11,000 readers each week. With your ad featured prominently near the top of our newsletter, this is a highly effective way to get a repeated message in front of an ideal target audience.

Guage the effectiveness with monthly reports outlining the total number of emails sent, open rate, and click-through rate for your ad.


$300/mo – includes 4 consecutive newsletters in 1 month

OutdoorOttawa is all about showing locals fun, interesting outdoor activities around Ottawa. If you’ve got just such a thing, why not invite one of us along? We can write up our adventure, with your collaboration, ensuring we include pictures, videos and any important info you deem fit.

In addition to providing wide exposure to the thousands of weekly readers, an article like this can be good for SEO for your own website.

Interested? Just drop us a message and we’ll get started!