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Like skiing Babe Ruth (that would be a sight 😉 I called five days of skiing this week and – despite threats of rain and double digit temperatures – I pulled it off!

This brings my season total to 35 days, still far short of my goal of 50, but a new record for me nonetheless. What a terrific week: four straight days of sunshine with nicely packed snow in the morning and soft slushy stuff by the p.m.

Monday started off with a few runs with my dad and his buddy Tom. I kindly dubbed these guys the “Old Guys” in a post, but then the next day I went up the lift a couple times with a real old-timer who was 84 years old and out for his 22nd day of the season. Respectable. As if that wasn’t inspiration enough, I was then on the Skyline quad with another octogenarian lady the next day (didn’t want to ask…).

Thursday was just more of the same; it was actually too hot almost, and I ran out of energy after running a sloshy Heggtveit over and over. Friday it finally clouded over, keeping the snow a little firmer until after lunch, which is when I left.

All in all a great week.

[flagallery gid=9 name=”5/5: A Week of Spring Skiing at Camp Fortune”]

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