In an attempt to hit up a hill we rarely get to, Dave, myself, and a couple of friends decided to try Mont Ste Marie for the day. If you check regularly, Mont Ste Marie offers some great deals, and regular Groupon promotions, making it that much more accessible to the occasional skier like myself. A little bit further than the hills in the Gatineau region, Mont Ste Marie is just over an hour outside of downtown Ottawa. Still pretty close, we all agreed. And the extra time was well worth it, the views are just that much better from Vanier Peak. Not to mention the area is quite cute and picturesque, and likely just bumping come summer with Lac Ste Marie and the golf course right there.

Taking a run down Mont Ste Marie

Taking a run down Mont Ste Marie

We scored big with the weather. It was an absolutely beautiful, clear and sunny day, hovering just below zero. Our friends were new, or newly-back, to skiing, and luckily the hill was nice and quite that day. This made it just perfect for them to get their ski-legs on, and work the hill at a nice pace without many other skiers or snowboarders whizzing by. And so, we enjoyed a really nice leisurely day of skiing; taking a few opportunities to park ourselves in the snow on the side of the mountain, bask in the sun, and look out over the rolling landscape, totally loving life ๐Ÿ™‚

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Joe Ski

Looks like a blast! I love getting out to MSM, it’s a bit of a treat ๐Ÿ™‚

Dave Woodbridge

Yep, me too!