Are the New Gatineau Park Snowshoe Fees Fair?

Overlooking Lusk Lake in Gatineau Park on Snowshoes

Overlooking Lusk Lake in Gatineau Park on Snowshoes

In preparation for this winter’s fun, the NCC has announced discounted pricing on Gatineau Park cross country ski passes and… snowshoeing passes!?

Yep – after being free forever, the NCC has decided to institute a user fee for trekkers on the official snowshoeing trail system in Gatineau Park. So, beginning December 16th, that stroll through the forest will run you $7/day if you’re a grown-up  ($5 for youth, students and seniors) or $50 for the season.

I’ll be honest, my initial reaction to this news was comparable to my reaction to ATM charges… “uh, what exactly am I paying for here? You want to charge me to trudge in the cold, waist-deep snow through the woods in the middle of winter?

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Get Early Bird Discount on Gatineau Park Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Passes

Cross Country Skiing back from Lusk Cabin

Cross Country Skiing back from Lusk Cabin

Looking to get out and enjoy Gatineau Park this winter? Now’s the time (or anytime before December 5th, really) to grab a ski pass… or a snowshoe pass!

The NCC is offering discounted ski and – for the first time and to mixed reviews – snowshoe passes online and at the Welcome Centre in Chelsea.

A day pass for snowshoeing will cost $7 for adults, $5 for students, youth and seniors, or pick up a season’s pass for between $40 and $50. Until December 5th, that price is $30-40.

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Asian Ladybug Invasion Not So New

Asian Ladybug, with a prominent "M" behind it's head

Asian Ladybug, with a prominent “M” behind it’s head

I was sure I had seen a strange ladybug when I was up at Lac La Peche last weekend, but my fellow campers poo-pooed my amateur entomology and my enthusiasm. When I mentioned the biting Asian ladybug I’d been hearing about all week to Erica, thinking I had redeemed my keen observations from the campsite, she shot back with “oh yeah, they’ve been around for years now.”

I found that strange since I don’t remember hearing anything about it, so I set about to do a little more research, just to ensure the record was straight.

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Thanksgiving Camping at Lac La Peche

Sunset at Lac La Peche campsite #6

Sunset at Lac La Peche campsite #6

In what looks like it’s becoming an annual tradition, a group of friends and kids and I spent Thanksgiving weekend at a paddle-in campsite on Lac La Peche in Gatineau Park.

Campsite #6 at Lac La Peche

In a funny twist of fate, some ladies read an article of mine about a past Thanksgiving trip to campsite #8 and booked it – depriving me of my perennial fave. Undeterred, I reserved #6 a,b,c, and d, right across the bay from #8. (In truth, I originally reserved #12, at the other end of the lake, but got the dates wrong. When I went to change my reservation, both #8 and #12 were taken, so #6 it was!)

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Looking for a Yurt for Sale?

yurtforsaleI don’t see this pop up too often on craigslist: a 20′ yurt for sale near Toronto!

I’ve stayed up at the yurts in Gatineau Park many, many times and I would love to grab a yurt for myself… if only I had somewhere to put it!

We have a fabulous, barely used 20′ yurt for sale. It is perfect for families who love to camp, hunters or any other outdoor enthusiasts.

As a family of four, we found it spacious enough for a living room, double/queen bed, storage cabinets and bunkbeds — glamping at its best!

With a bit of help, you can set it up in a day. We’ll even include all the decking!

$5,000 – not bad. For the full ad visit Craigslist.

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